Cover / motivation letter – an opportunity to stand out

Do you know that feeling when you choose one book in a bookstore full of various books, read a short introduction and immediately want to read the whole book? Well, it's almost the same with a cover letter. The purpose of the letter is to make the reader want to read your CV, get to know you and find out everything about you!

A well-structured cover letter, combined with your CV, is key to finding the position you want. :)

A cover letter illustrates your expertise and qualifications for the job you are looking for. Through it, you have the opportunity to describe specific situations, highlight your talents and share professional goals that may not be listed in your resume.


The quality of the cover letter lies in its interest and the fact that you can write interesting things about yourself with a few words.

When writing a cover letter, pay attention to grammar, style and graphic layout. Use a business tone, coherence, brevity and clarity. Try to use simple words and clear phrases, avoid professional terminology!

Try to write a letter no longer than one page (the recommended length of the letter is between 250 and 400 words).

The CV should be a review of your experience, and the cover letter should focus on the future and what you want to do.


There are four key elements that are important when writing cover letter:




If you have explained in your cover letter why you are applying, how this position fits into your career development, what makes you an ideal candidate, and how you can contribute to the company, your letter is ready. Send it and good luck! :)