Searching for your first (student) job

At the very beginning, let us tell you that looking for a job or internship is not an easy task, but we will not discourage you, but give you the wind at your back to start researching! :)

The first steps are the hardest, so let's start in some meaningful order:

      Find a job that suits your interests

Regardless of which job search portals you use to find job vacancies, make sure to check them daily, especially on weekdays.

Apply for vacancies as soon as you see them. Some employers receive hundreds of applications, so if you are not one of the first applicants, your chances of being considered for a job may be slim.

So make an effort and while you're drinking your morning coffee or tea, look through the job ads and apply!

      Thoroughly research the companies that interest you

Try to find a student job / internship where you can apply certain items you learn at the faculty, practically in a student position. In this way, your thoughts will be focused on one area - at work, but also at the faculty. :)

Here are a few things to consider when doing research and finding proper job/internship:

a) What are the primary skills needed for daily activities in that area?

b) Research the company, its work culture, values, employee evaluations, etc.

c) Use LinkedIn! Companies publish job opportunities there as well, and you can also research what projects they are working on, whether any of your contacts work there, etc.

Things like work culture, work-life balance, and career development are critical aspects of your professional life, and especially critical in the early years because those are your learning years.

Also, if you are looking for an internship or a student job, take into consideration that you manage to balance your duties at the faculty and work, and clearly communicate this when making an agreement with your employer.

      Make the most of technology

With the advancement of technology, you have more options to take advantage of when trying to find your first job/internship. Apart from searching the job offers available on faculty web sites, you can sign up for job portals, download apps that post student jobs, etc. For internships and jobs abroad, you can use a job search platform such as Highered for verified companies and amazing career prospects, and all EFZG students have exclusive access.

      Customize your CV and cover letter

It's a common mistake job seekers make to have only one resume that contains all of their skills, background information, and experience. Make sure your resume is tailored to the type of job you're applying for and only contains information relevant to the field. If you are applying for jobs in different sectors, you should have a customized CV for each of them.

It is important to write an impressive motivational letter with which you will stand out from other candidates.

Keep records of applications - record when you applied for what, documents you’ve sent / attached / uploaded, document of the job/internship add, contact, dates. It will be easier for you to prepare for a job interview.

      Review your presence on the social network

Once you hit the job market, you need to know that many employers and recruiters search the names of candidates on social networks. Review your accounts and remove/restrict any posts you don't want your future employer to see.

Update your profile on LinkedIn!

      Don't let rejection discourage you

You may be the most qualified candidate for a vacancy, but in today's globalized world, you can compete with hundreds of candidates. Don't lose hope and keep searching.

Everyone eventually finds their first job and internship. :)